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Ubunchu Vol. 1 (2010)


Authors: Hiroshi Seo (Writer), Hiroshi Seo (Artist), Anton Ekblad (Translator), Arturo Silva (Editor), Martin Owens (Editor), Kuromabo (Translator), Kazken3 (Translator), Hajime Mizuno (Translator), Ritsuko Sato (Translator), Fumito Yoshida (Translator), Hiroshi Seo (Translator)

Series: Ubunchu! (1)

Genres: manga, computer

Languages: en (no text layer)

Frames Definition: true

Pages: 43 + coverpage

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

Characters: Akane, Masato, Risa

Ubunchu! is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Seo featuring Ubuntu Linux. Three school students in a system-admin club are getting into Ubuntu!

It features three (and only) members of the Computer Admin Club:

Akane: The club's president and a hard-core Linux geek who prefers using the command line interface. She's actually skeptical in using Ubuntu because she thinks that Ubuntu is just for watching YouTube.

Masato: The club's vice president and a Windows user. He is also skeptical in using Linux because he can't play his eroge Visual Novel stuff on non-Windows computers.

Risa: A Mac user who wants to try out the Ubuntu LiveCD for their club's new computer.

This volume #1 collects chapters 01-04.

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