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The Bizarre Cathedral (2011)


Authors: Ryan Cartwright (Writer), Ryan Cartwright (Artist), Tony Mobily (Writer)

Genres: humor

Languages: en (no text layer)

Frames Definition: true

Pages: 99 + coverpage

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

The Bizarre Cathedral is a comedic comic strip which is created by Ryan Cartwright and Tony Mobily on the Free Software Magazine website. It primarily features three characters: a anthropomorphic sheepdog wearing a Debian shirt (indicating that he is a free software advocate and Debian hacker, a sheep in semi-business attire with a Windows logo on the shirt and sunglasses who often berates the sheepdog's FOSS advocacy (indicating that he is more inclined to Microsoft systems) and a cat wearing tinted glasses and a shirt with an Apple logo (indicating that he is more inclined to Apple Mac systems). The 88th strip saw the addition of a new character, a female rabbit wearing an Ubuntu t-shirt who works in the same team as the dog.]

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