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Pepper & Carrot - Vol. 1 (2015)


Authors: David Revoy (Writer), David Revoy (Artist), David Revoy (Translator), Amireti . (Translator), Alex Gryson (Translator), Róbert Pastierovič (Translator), talime . (Translator), Aurélien Gâteau (Translator)

Series: Pepper & Carrot (1)

Genres: fantasy, children, humor

Languages: en (no text layer), en, fr, sk

Frames Definition: true

Pages: 81 + coverpage

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Characters: Papper, Carrot, Saffron, Coriander, Shichimi, Thym, Cayenne, Cumin

Pepper&Carrot is a comic about “Pepper”, a young witch and her cat, “Carrot”. They live in a fantasy universe of potions, magics, and creatures.

It’s a comedy/humor comic suited for everyone.

This volume contains first 10 episodes plus "Trophy Hunting" and "Legacy in color" comic stories.

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