Advanced Comic Book Format

Advanced Comic Book Format (ACBF) specification is a distribution and interchange format for digital comic books. ACBF specification defines a means of representing structured and semanticaly enhanced content used in comic books. In contrast to widely used Comic Book Archive (CBR, CBZ …), content is represented in separate graphic and text layer(s) as well as comic book metadata is present.

Some of the properties of ACBF are:

• Definition of comic book metadata (title, authors, genres ...)

• Definition of comic book structure (pages, frames) as well as order in which they follow

• Indexing of comic book pages (creation of Table of Contents upon page title)

• Definition of text layer separate from background graphics as well as reading order of text areas in it

• Definition of semantics on the text layer (e.g. emphasis, code, speech, commentary …)

• Support for more text layers in one document (translations to different languages)

ACBF aims to be used as a digital comic book format that is able to properly represent any comic books content and at the same time be suitable for automatic processing, indexing, comic book collection management and conversion into other formats.

ACBF is an extension of XML. Some inspiration regarding meta-data and semantics of the text layer comes from Fictionbook (file format that is used for electronic books distribution) and ACV 2 (comic book format used by Droid Comic Viewer).

ACBF does not use any kind of DRM (Digital Rights Management) and all specifications are open.

More information about the format, specifications, viewing and editing programs can be found on ACBF Wiki page.

Project for development of ACBF format and related applications is located on launchpad.